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Running Thangs


Running Thangs


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Busy Bee was originally a member of the Fantastic 5 MCs and The L Brothers. He is considered one of the first comedic emcees, and lives up to his title as Chief Rocker. He would always get the crowd involved... "Whats your zodiac sign?", "If you love your mom say ho!", classic call and response. These were techniques that all emcees used at the time, but Busy relied a little more on these than most. He was usually backed on the wheels of steel by Cool DJ AJ, who would later gain fame spinning for Kurtis Blow. A perfect display of his party starting moves can be seen in the classic movie ''Wild Style.'' He is infamous for his battles with Kool Moe Dee and his first single 'Making Cash Money', which was released on historic Sugar Hill Records in 1982, but his best work remains the Jazzy Jay produced Running Thangs full-length. This album was originally released in 1988 and reflects that classic period of time both lyrically and musically (produced by the legendary DJ Jazzy Jay of the All Mighty Zulu Nation). As legend has it, and Kool Moe Dee backed it, lyrics were in most part ghost-written by Melle-Mel, of the Furious 5 MC's, leading to a noticable more hardcore version of the Chief Rocker. This CD is classic B-Boy material guaranteed to take you back to the time of dookie-rope chains, kangol hats, acid wash jeans, troop jackets and dapper dan suits. Strong City Records and Traffic Entertainment Group proudly presents Busy Bee Running Thangs complete with additional mixes, dubs and instrumentals never before offered on CD, as well as an enhanced portion featuring the full music video to the classic single 'Express'.

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